Reservations cancelled because of lack of personnel

Des réservations annulées, faute de personnel

Of the fishers who had booked packages in the parc national des Grands-Jardins, Charlevoix, had the unpleasant surprise to see the project cancelled, the Sépaq not having sufficient staff to meet the demand.

According to the Sépaq, not all the reservations for fishing accommodations that have been cancelled to the Gardens, but some sixty of them. In addition, the dates that were still available have been blocked for the rest of the season.

In the sector Arthabaska park des Grands-Jardins, the Sépaq has closed for the same reasons, six of the 23 units of ready-to-traditional camping, seven cabins and one of 10 sanitary blocks.

“Several lakes are generally reserved for those fishermen in accommodation have been made available in the form of day fishing and thus become accessible to all. We have offered to people that we were able to join the viva voice to be placed elsewhere in the network,” explained Simon Boivin, head of media relations of the Sépaq.

The park is located thirty kilometres north of Baie-Saint-Paul.

Lack of arms

In these times when the health measures make it more difficult for providers of services, Sépaq speaks of a lack of staff to explain the cancellations.

“We are always hiring at the parc national des Grands-Jardins, where the issue of labor has been more important […] recruitment remains a recurring challenge for several actors of the tourism industry, especially in a sector where the population pool is smaller,” added Mr. Boivin.

“The measures additional health-related COVID-19 substantially increase the burden of work, particularly for households”, says Dr. Boivin, who is not able to point Delivery canadian emergency as a contributory factor to the problem.

Positions to be filled

The website of the Sépaq reported a hundred jobs available, of which four are for maintenance-maintenance at the park des Grands-Jardins.

According to the site, 34 jobs are to be filled through the parc du Mont-Tremblant and 26 at Mont-Orford, mainly for maintenance-maintenance also. Closer to Quebec, a dozen in various positions are displayed for the station touristique Duchesnay.

“In addition to a very limited number of activities that are specifically identified as not being able to be offered because of the context of COVID-19, the offer is usually accessible in the national parks of Mont-Tremblant and Mont-Orford,” said Simon Boivin.

In his plan to revive tourism in the province, the quebec government has invested in June of$ 5 Million to offer a 50% discount on the annual pass to national Parks of the Quebec Edition of the Hello Quebec. The 140 000 maps available were sold in less than three days.


Moreover, the trade Union of the public service and parastatal du Québec (SFPQ) has announced that the employees of the Sépaq will vote by mid-July on the agreement-in-principle for the renewal of their collective agreement occurred last week.

On the 30th of June, the fifty delegates of the workers of the Sépaq have endorsed the proposal. Last September, the employees had rejected at 60% in the agreement-in-principle proposed at the time.

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