Reserved beauty: Baku hosts photo exhibition of Russian nature




In the Russian information-cultural center in Baku hosts photo exhibition. Dozens of images – wildlife and protected places one sixth of the land.

This large-scale media project there in 2015. It was conceived for the conservation of wildlife and for the education of the careful relation to it. Your pictures for the contest usually send tens of thousands of people. Best of photos, travel around the world.

“Experienced the excitement, the thrill, because the nature is very beautiful and rich. Unfortunately, we are a little travel. I understand that the need to travel around the world,” said Baku resident said Parfenov.
“We helped an organization such as the Russian geographical society, who has kindly provided a large selection of photographs on this topic. We, for its part, has reviewed and selected the 36 most valuable for us photopositive”, – said the Deputy head of mission Rossotrudnichestvo in Azerbaijan Alexander Calamine.

The theme of the exhibition chosen by chance. According to the Center for the study of public opinion, Russians to the question “What are you proud of?” the answer is that in addition to the emblem, flag and anthem, it is also the nature of his native country.