Resident of the United States escaped with stolen coffins in a stolen truck

Житель США сбежал с ворованными гробами на угнанном грузовике

An American resident of Jacksonville tried to escape with the stolen coffins in a stolen truck. The malefactor was detained by the police, reports

Police stopped 39-year-old David Ayers on the highway when he tried to escape. During the inspection inside the truck were three coffins, which the men allegedly stole at a local funeral home.

Car thief charged with theft, car theft, driving without a license and attempting to resist law enforcement.

In September 2018 in Mexico offender mistakenly stole a hearse with a corpse. He noticed that the car was left open with the ignition keys inside, and decided to use it. As it turned out, the hearse was empty. It was the body of 80-year-old man, who was transported from Mexico city to Guadalajara. The police managed to arrest the thief.