Residents of the Chernobyl forbidden zone

2017-10-12 18:38

Residents of the Chernobyl forbidden zone
Over 30 years have passed since the terrible accident at Chernobyl.

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Exclusion zone from which evicted all people today has turned into a real sanctuary of the wild life, reports Rus.Media. The area was inhabited by various animals and birds. In this collection we will show you the most interesting inhabitants of the forbidden zone…

White-tailed eagle on the background of the sign of radiation danger

Woodpecker with the red hat

Majestic eagle

Unique photos of oatmeal on the ruins

This handsome black Chernobyl stork

The Ukrainian authorities are seriously considering the possibility of turning the exclusion zone into a nature reserve

Owl, it seems, checked if there was anything interesting in the empty house

Wolves without fear render habitable the territory of the exclusion zone

Not surprisingly, the exclusion zone is inhabited by foxes

In the Belarusian exclusion zone you can meet a bison

So look Chernobyl moose

In water bodies inhabited by otters

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