Residents of the village near Orenburg leave the house because of burning dry grass

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Elizabeth Shagalova


The villagers Khabarnoe near Orenburg in the rush to flee their homes. They were approaching the fire broke out the dry grass.

Because of the strong wind and 30-degree heat, the fire is rapidly spreading and could spread to residential buildings. The fire area has already reached 1.5 hectares. The fire started in Kazakhstan on Saturday morning. Then the fire spread to the territory of Russia.

“Fire on the area of 1.5 hectares transferred from Kazakhstan to the territory of the city district Novotroitsk. Preparations for the evacuation of the population”, – quotes RIA “news” the representative of EMERCOM of Russia.

Novotroitsk live 1,96 thousands of people, including 139 children.

In the Orenburg region introduced a state of emergency. The MOE is ready to connect to extinguish the aircraft are ready to fly fire-fighting aircraft Il-76. Also in the train station Orsk at the emergency aimed fire train.