Resolutions at the united nations: toward a vote of the security Council “in writing”

Résolutions à l’ONU: vers un vote du Conseil de sécurité « par écrit »

UNITED NATIONS | The chinese presidency of the security Council of the UN has canceled a meeting scheduled for Thursday at the headquarters of the organization to adopt resolutions, and is shifting the face of the threat of the Covid-19 to ” votes by writing “, a-t-on learned Wednesday from diplomatic sources.

Thursday’s meeting was the only one remaining in the official programme this week after cancellations in the series since march 12. It was expected to adopt three resolutions related to the renewals of mandates expiring soon on North Korea, Somalia, and Darfur.

The State of New York has become the epicenter in the United States of the health crisis that are trying to counter the authorities, with the containment measures more or less respected.

Even if the headquarters of the united nations, nearly empty, still, symbolically opened by the will of its secretary-general, Antonio Guterres, a majority of the Board was reluctant to go there and argued for a “virtual” voting.

Russia, however, was opposed adamantly, refusing any videoconferencing for formal meetings or to adopt resolutions having the force of law in the world, is the most important act of the Council.

“The Russians remain opposed to any public meeting and formal by videoconference,” says a diplomat on condition of anonymity.

Several diplomatic missions have shown that a ” combined procedure “, including the video so as to present the positions and written with the letters sent by e-mail to proceed with the vote, was in the process of being arrested. Once the responses of the fifteen members of the Council received, the result would be formally released to the public.

To leave a little time for the implementation of this procedure for the first time in the history of the UN, the votes originally scheduled for Thursday would be a little repelled, according to the same sources. “If we agree on a procedure, this could happen as early as Thursday, says a diplomat.

Unlike adoptions, Russia accepts video under the condition that it is of the informal sessions. Not listed on the agenda official, a first session of this type only in English and organized at the initiative of Moscow took place on Tuesday on the democratic Republic of the Congo.

Others are planned Thursday (Libya), Monday (Syria) and Tuesday (Afghanistan), indicated to the AFP diplomats. As for Tuesday, the media will not have access.

When asked about this, a spokesperson of the chinese presidency of the security Council, Han Xu responded that’ at this stage, the system (video conferencing) was not accessible to the media and the public, because it allows only a limited number of people online at the same time “.

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