Response of the Cabinet regarding complaints about the denial of subsidies through relatives

The government responded to the complaints of Ukrainian citizens who were denied subsidies for concealment of income of their relatives.

Відповідь Кабміну щодо скарг про відмову в субсидіях через родичів

The number of complaints Ukrainian citizens to the denial of subsidies due to the lack of data on the income of their relatives has increased dramatically over the past few months. The government was prepared for this and proposed a plan of action in case of receipt of such denial of social assistance, informs Rus.Media.

This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine.

So, for those who have children or grandchildren, for example, do abroad and not provide any data on earnings, or help your relatives, recommend the following:

– to prepare a certificate that specified relatives with identified incomes do not live with the family, which claims to social assistance;

submit this certificate to the social security authorities for consideration;

– invite the test material situation of the household with the assistance of the Commission.

Under specified conditions and confirm the Commission’s lack of support by not staying at the place of residence of potential subsidence relatives, a subsidy may be appointed under the legislation.

The government noted that such events in the provision of social assistance is part of a state program designed to ensure that people are formally employed and earn work experience”.

According to the budget-2019 it is known that the Ministry of social policy in 2019 budgeted 55 billion UAH intended for subsidies. This amount is 16 billion less than in 2018 – then for this purpose was laid to 71 billion hryvnia.