Responses: a showcase for community organizations during the COVID-19

Ripostes: une vitrine pour les organismes communautaires pendant la COVID-19

MONTREAL | A platform called Retorts comes to be put in place to enable the community organizations to be heard during the health crisis.

This showcase is available on Facebook and on Instagram is an initiative of Mission inclusion, and hand-in-hand.

The site will update on a daily basis, the needs, issues, and the claims of community organizations throughout the province of Quebec in the context of the pandemic COVID-19. Videos, photos and interviews will be shared to do this.

“We would like Responses to be able to offer the community organizations a place strong share in this period where there is the COVID-19”, indicated Friday Danielle Filion, director of programs at the Quebec Mission inclusion, and Hélène Jolin, executive director of hand in hand, by press release.

“They have so much to say about their confinement, on their quest for solutions to stay in touch with their members and their participants, and on the adjustments they demonstrate in their daily operations, have added to the two women. The word is to them and we are very proud of the support, with the help of our respective teams.”

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