Restart of the shooting: the next season The following will be recorded in the month of July

The next season of’The following will be touring in the month of July, has revealed to Radio-Canada Tuesday. The quiz was piloted by Stéphane Bellavance will be saved “without an audience” and “in full respect of the standards of public health,” said the public broadcaster in a press release.

Since the suspension of all filming in march, due to the coronavirus, it is a first official announcement that the recording of a program included in the calendar television 2020-2021. The production ofThe following will, however, be interrupted if “circumstances dictate,” says Radio-Canada.

The changes need to be made to the décor of the quiz in order to respect the hygiene measures of government should be minimal, because there already appears to be 2 meters of space between the participant and the facilitator on the tablet game.

The period of recruitment of participants has begun on The following is produced by Pixcom (Amber Alert, The vulnerability).

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