“Resto du coin”, the new French platform Uber Eats style arrives in Paris

    “Resto du coin”, the new French platform Uber Eats style arrives in Paris

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    While waiting to be able to reopen, not all restaurateurs have taken the fold of take-out, sometimes discouraged by the constraints that this implies or by the price of the commissions charged by the leading platforms of the market: Uber Eats and Deliveroo. “Restaurant owners face three main problems “, analysis Yonathan Malet, founder of the new French platform “Resto du coin”. “The loss of contact with their customers, the fact that they are not necessarily organized to offer take-out or delivery because it is a profession that requires an organization to synchronize with the orders received as they go. . And the number one problem is the cost of the platforms, with commissions reaching up to 30% of the amount of orders. This is what triggered the desire to create Resto du coin“.

    1 euro per order

    “Local restaurant”, officially launched Monday January 11, intends to overcome these problems, in particular by offering a service invoiced at € 1 to the restaurant owner. “We take 1 € for the connection between the restaurant owner and the customer“, explains Yonathan Malet. The platform will soon offer the provision of couriers, like its competitors.”The restaurateur will pay 4-5 euros for delivery“, projects the founder. In the meantime, the restaurant owner will be able to offer delivery to his customers via the application but it is up to him to provide the service.

    Only one to three daily specials

    “Resto du coin” intends to address restaurant owners and only restaurant owners. The idea is that they offer “one to three daily specials“daily, specifies Yonathan Malet. A limited supply”to prepare faster“and”have news“, with dishes that vary on a daily basis. Consumers will thus receive the daily menu of their favorite restaurants on their smartphone application.

    The objective of “Resto du coin” is now to consolidate 1,000 restaurants by the end of 2021.

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