Restoration at the time of the COVID-19: the Old Port has found a winning formula

Restauration au temps de la COVID-19: le Vieux-Port a trouvé une formule gagnante

La Grande Tablée du Vieux-Port de Quebec could make the difference this summer in the lives of restaurateurs and merchants who are involved in this initiative put in place by the business association of the sector.

From Thursday to Sunday, until September 27, inclusive, of the streets St-Paul and Sault-au-Matelot come alive with The Large Crowd which gathers a fifteen restaurateurs.

This concept enables the restaurant to regain the lost space in the interior of their establishment, while respecting the distance necessary physical in a historic neighborhood in a spectacular setting.

“In the month of march, when there was the pandemic, everything was closed. We thought about what we could do. With the City, it has developed a plan to take possession of the street in order to allow the conservators to recover the places they lost on the inside. For the public, it is as if he tasted a good meal in a film set. The City has offered us an exceptional collaboration”, emphasized Richard Samson, director-general of the Association des gens d’affaires du Vieux-Port de Québec.

This activity started on June 18, and it will continue throughout the summer, rain or shine. La Grande Tablée offers approximately 500 seats outside. Each conservator is responsible for its space and presents its menu.

“We’re going to start doing the animation and music to present artists that are going to come make creations,” said Mr. Samson.

“In short, we are moving the ass. We have done something. We do not crush it. I find so much that the dealers here are brave. These are passionate people. They fight for their trade. I find it very impressive. It is our mission to support them in there”, he added.

“They are in average to date, if we could continue the same until the end of September, between 60% and 70% of their turnover. It means that we will save several businesses with it. It will perhaps enable them to get through this crisis and see the future in 2021, in the hope that it returns in the order.”

“We understood that we could not rely only on tourists. It is sure that it is a windfall in the neighborhood that came with the cruise ship passengers, tourists, americans and europeans who filled our restaurants. This made us realize that we need to see more broad in that it must educate the local consumer on the importance of coming into our restaurants,” he said.


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