Restructuring Plan: Second Cup launches in the cannabis

Plan de restructuration: Second Cup se lance dans le cannabis

TORONTO | Second Cup opened its first boutique cannabis, Friday, in Toronto, and intends to launch six more by the end of the year in Ontario.

According to its restructuring plan, the canadian business will transform some of its cafes in the points of sale of cannabis under the banner Hemisphere Cannabis Co.

“This is not a secret that we are exploring the opportunities in the field of cannabis since 2018. We are excited to finally be able to celebrate the launch of Hemisphere Cannabis Co. in Canada,” said Steven Pelton, the CEO of the parent company of Second Cup, Aegis Brands.

“With Hemisphere, we have created an environment in which we are trying to find the right product for each client, regardless of whether it shopping for the first time, for the first time in a long time, or for the first time of the day,” said Steven Pelton.

The name Hemisphere has been inspired by the navigation. In fact, according to the customer experience it wants to offer, the company proposes to help Canadians navigate the world of cannabis.

Three other shops are expected to open in the next few months to Toronto. Points of sale Hemisphere Cannabis Co. should also appear in the near future to Ajax, Ottawa, and Orleans.

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