Retirement from sport: Andrei Markov will not change anything about his career

A few days after announcing his retirement, the former defender of the Montreal canadiens Andrei Markov has stated that he would not change absolutely nothing in his career.

Markov, 41 years old, has played 990 games with the CH, totaling 119 goals and 572 points, before repatriation to Russia in 2017. He played the last three seasons of his career in the kontinental hockey League (KHL) winning at the same time the cup Gagarin.

The rear would have however liked to add a Stanley cup to his list.

“Let’s just say I wouldn’t change anything. What is missing is the Stanley cup, although there have been opportunities. The Canadian has often been strong in the playoffs,” suggested Markov, according to the daily Russian “Sovetsky Sport”.

“I also participated in the olympic Games three times, and I have not had a medal in this tournament. But in Russia, everything went well. I managed to win the cup Gagarin with the Ak Bars [Kazan], added Markov, who was also awarded gold at the world Championship in 2008.

Respect for Koivu

Remembering his best moments in Montreal, Markov was, of course, spoke of his first encounter in the national League. The return of Saku Koivu after his chemotherapy treatments in 2002 is also in a good position in his list.

“I also remember how our captain Saku Koivu is seriously ill, said Markov, depending on the site But he came back and I was on the ice when they introduced the starting formation. The whole crowd stood up and applauded for 10 or 15 minutes. I will never forget the respect that fans had for him.”

Having grown up in the idolâtrant Mario Lemieux, Markov also remembered his first duel at the Beautiful. The two men almost come to blows.

“There was no fight, of course. Mario has taken to my partner. I headed down to the caption and I realized that I couldn’t do anything against him. But I pushed it”, remembered the number 79.

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