Return home: near Petersburg rescued baby seal released into the wild

PHOTO : MIR / Igor Medvedev


In the Gulf of Finland released saved in the Leningrad region of baby seals. Zoologists nursed them for a few months before they are strong enough to live independently. Found out the details of the correspondent of “MIR 24” Rodion Kovalev.

Home – native Finnish Bay – the pups of Gakkou, Mar, Bronka and Sarkula to come back with a name. Their animals got the name of settlements have been found.

“The way the animals moved well. All in a healthy physical condition, prepared for life in nature, and I hope all of them goes well”, – said the head of the Foundation of friends of the Baltic ringed seals Vyacheslav Alekseev.

Baby seals weigh 50 pounds. When they were found – were four times less. Due to the melting ice of newborn babies torn from mothers and brought to shore. From death they were saved by the specialists of the center of rehabilitation of marine mammals.

“The first stage is through a feeding tube, takes around 10 days. Then accustom them to eat fish. At first forcibly, then they realize what the fish can eat themselves. And in that moment when they begin to eat fish out of the water, we stop all contacts with them,” – said the expert of the center of rehabilitation of marine mammals of the Leningrad region Elena Andrievskaya.

The young Bronk – was the most daring. She first pulled into the water and went deep. The remaining trio made the mourners pretty nervous. 10 minutes the animals were in no hurry to leave the shore, but I got used to the water, went after his friend.

Even now, when the seals were in their natural habitat, zoologists will continue to patronize them, in the distance. After all, there have already been cases where seals have abandoned life in the wild and returned to the people.

To follow animals biologists are using GPS collars. If they again get into trouble, help will come immediately.