Returnable containers: another great collection at Beauport

Contenants consignés: une autre grande collecte à Beauport

Another mega collection of returnable containers will be held this Saturday in collaboration with all the supermarkets of Beauport and Boischatel.

Seven grocery stores of various banners have come together to organize a special event at the aréna Marcel-Bédard, on the boulevard of the Falls. Two supermarkets, Metro, Provigo, three IGA and Super C will participate in this day.

The activity will take place on Saturday 16 may between 10 h and 15 h. A second collection is also held at the same place the following Saturday, the 23rd of may.

“Citizens are invited to bring the returnable containers in the form of donations. The amount of the instructions will be split in three between the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, the Fondation Ste-Thérèse of Lisieux and the organization the Pivot,” explains Michel Laflamme, the IGA Family Laflamme, on avenue Royale.

Citizens are asked to be reported to the beers in cardboard boxes without a mixture of format and colors of the bottles.

Popular activity

For the cans, the clients should previously have counted the number of articles.

Recently, the Brewers Association of Quebec was estimated at about 100 million, the number of beer bottles in the hands of the consumers in Quebec.

The judgment of the deposit-return system in Quebec would have resulted in a significant economic impact for the brewers.

Some of the activities of recovery of containers have already started the end of last week. Chain Maxi organized the gathering in the parking lot of some of its supermarkets.

A few days ago, Quebecers have reported nearly two million of returnable containers, thus allowing to raise 84 788 $ across the province, an amount which was doubled by Maxi. A sum of 169 576 $ will be awarded to organizations.

In Québec, the collection has been very popular in the Maxi of Place Fleur de Lys last Sunday.

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