Reunion who are not very well placed

Des retrouvailles qui ne se sont pas très bien passées

The Los Angeles Dodgers visited on Tuesday to the Houston Astros for the first time since the break-up to the great day of the scandal of theft of signals team texas. However, all of this seems to be still present in the memory of some of the players.

In a gain of 5-to-2 training in california on the ground of his rivals at Minute Maid Park, the spirits boiled over after reliever Joe Kelly was cleared of shooting high inside two batters, Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa in the sixth inning.

At the end of it, the gunner has exchanged bad words with Correa, in addition to cause its screw-to-screw-with funny faces, and players from both teams rushed to the place of the discussion, however, that there are blows.

Despite all this, Kelly mentioned that he did not intend to meet its rivals with a shot.

“It was obviously a fourth ball and it was not my best run. I gave him a purpose on balls and this is never good to allow a striker to get on the trails when it holds the lead in the meeting. I did not hit the shot perfect and I was not comfortable. It took me a long time to be at a mechanical point of view,” he defended to the site

For his part, the manager of the visiting team, Dave Roberts, has not said he was surprised by the course of events.

“I think these guys went a little far. The shooting sent to Correa was a ball-and-effect that has not offered the hoped-for result. But hey, before the start of this series, there were expectations, and the situation has escalated a bit prematurely. This is what happened, but I am glad that nothing serious happened. Warnings have been issued, and we won the game,” he said.


Also, there are reasons to believe that Kelly wants to Astros. Before ending up with the Dodgers in 2019, the pitcher had evolved in the Boston Red Sox; the latter had been eliminated by the Astros in the series of division of american League in 2017. A few weeks later, Houston had a Los Angeles in the world Series.

However, the scandal that led to sanctions against the organization, the Astros had left a bitter taste in the eyes of some. The outfielder of the Dodgers, Cody Bellinger was not embarrassed to say that the club has a texan had stolen the title.

Now, in spite of the explanations of Roberts and Kelly, the head coach of the Astros, Dusty Baker, did not appear convinced of their honesty.

“When you’re shipping a quick to the head of a batter with a count of three balls and no control, you may put an end to his career,” said Baker about the shooting sent to Bregman. A few other throws were close to him. And which enraged all the world, it is when Kelly said to Carlos, after you have removed on : good run. What should we do with it? What’s infuriating is that the referee warned us. Why did he not warn the launcher? It is he who sends the shots and it was him that started this whole story.”

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