Reveal the secret of morning coffee

Раскрыт главный секрет утреннего кофе

Researchers have discovered a gene that is responsible for passion for coffee drinks. As it was published scientists, people with the gene PDSS2 in much smaller amounts susceptible to drinking coffee, writes

The study, which was attended by about 350 volunteers one of the settlements in southern Italy and 850 from another its area. The Respondent had to answer the question about the number of consumed coffee per day. Media one of the modifications of the gene drank coffee less intense than people who have this gene is missing altogether. On average, the result was about one mug.

According to scientists identified the gene lowers the functionality of the cells in the breakdown of caffeine, which contributes to a higher latency in the body coffee people. From this it follows that to obtain this effect, the carriers of the gene have fewer delicious drink.

Literally in the recent time, scientists have sequenced the genetic code of the coffee trees, which lies in the widespread psychotropic compound — caffeine. This action led to the identification of the process of developing this tool, which differs from the production of caffeine in tea or cocoa. It became known that the plant occurred on their own.

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