Reveal the secrets! Special habits of women of different zodiac signs!

Раскрываем тайны! Особенные привычки женщин разных знаков зодиака!

Each of us has, perhaps, not always attractive traits. Sometimes they are so unusual that they can even shock others or cause consternation.

Have you noticed any unusual or funny habits? It turns out that each sign of the Zodiac they are different.

But how can a woman be called a real woman if there is no cute raisins? Well, we want to reveal to you some of their secrets!


How can a strong, fearless Aries something to be afraid of? It turns out that the representatives of this sign can not stand different closed areas. But they love to talk loudly, polihachit at the wheel of the car and to try on another new hat.


For representatives of this sign of his house is his castle. He will never keep the door open neither in the apartment nor in the car. Taureans just love perfume and I can apply it several times a day. Every self-respecting Taurus, certainly, there are a number of wallets in which it stores your favorite coins. Scorpios love to take care of the flowers and leave the bangs on his forehead.



Gemini is always in travel or in business. They never part with the phone. The free nature of this sign likes a lot of clean fresh air, and, therefore, prefer everywhere to open Windows and doors. And all the Twins much motion during intercourse.


The sentimental rechichi never leave their children’s toys and the old, long out of fashion, things. They tend to bargain in the market and always touch up the eyes with mascara.

Раскрываем тайны! Особенные привычки женщин разных знаков зодиака!


Narcissistic Lioness loves gold jewelry and fashion brands. You will never see it without a mirror, in which charming woman regularly admires his reflection. And another distinctive feature of the mark – the habit of playing with hair during a conversation.


Neat Virgo most often wash their hands. They love to bite your lip and knocking fingers on the table. You can’t make the maid leave the house without perfume.


Scales are not true Scales, if they have something to gain. And even is absolutely not necessary. I love a variety of cosmetics, without which you do not feel confident. Have a strange habit of constantly rocking the foot at the time, when sitting.


Scorpionsi most show their unusual habits during sex. They go crazy from touching silk underwear, especially if it was produced well-known brand. Of all cosmetic products give exceptional preference lipsticks.


Free like the wind, the Archers just hate closed spaces. It is easy to breathe and live in palaces and on large areas of the parks. In clothes I prefer casual and blue. I like to tempt fate during the game at the casino or practice extreme sports.

Раскрываем тайны! Особенные привычки женщин разных знаков зодиака!


Conservative Mazeroski hate change. They always follow the time and, therefore, always wear a wristwatch. Capricorn always carries a Notepad or notebook to write in them something very important.


Who really loves diamonds, this women-Aquarius. And they’re just crazy about different gadgets and branded glasses. Aquarians can’t stand scary only darkness.


Modest Fish just collect a variety of shoes. They always go very quickly, and sit cross-legged. Often like to drink coffee and tea. No manicure just will not come out.

Everything you learned about the strange habits of the representatives of the zodiac signs, can completely relate to you.


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