Revealed an unexpected cause of premature death

Выявлена неожиданная причина преждевременной смерти

Loneliness has significant negative effects on the body and it can be a cause of premature death. This fact was established by scientists from the University of Minnesota (USA).

The researchers found that social isolation significantly increases the risk of hypertension development and mortality of loneliness is comparable with mortality from heart disease. According to scientific experts, people living alone, accelerated “wear and tear” of the brain and other internal organs. As a result, the risk of mortality grows serious.

“Depending on the General state of the organism, loneliness increases the risk of death by 50-70%. percent. Lonely people die in three and a half times more frequently than others,” said the American heart Association.

Researchers believe that the absence of loved ones hurts the person more alcohol and cigarettes and I propose to consider the loneliness disease. They note that the phenomenon of social exclusion is observed in all age groups, from 20 to 80 years.


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