Review of drain channels: trends and characteristics

Обзор сливных каналов: тенденции и характеристики

Lately there is a disturbing pattern associated with a sharp decline in the quality of audio that appear on the market channels. A typical example is the plum “public servants” (polunischego) Anton Polyakov. Meeting of the group of deputies headed by Unicom, who arrived in Krivoy Rog fronting the local police on behalf Zelensky, recorded in bad quality. Guys are clear, background noise. Who slept with whom, who has how many kids, what to do with Arakhamia? You can ensure an improved culture of wiretapping? Take a sample of records of major Melnichenko. Good old old-school cassette “fiction.” High quality writing, careful editing. Interpretation of all the main characters, the chronological sequence of comments by experienced experts. Full catalog records in one place. The announcement of the release of the next series. What is happening now in the market? A complete mess and trash. Different sources are dumped in telegram chunks of the same recording with different timing.

It comes to idiocy: in “decoding” the record mentioned the piece that it didn’t fit. Then comes the continuation of the “gate”, where the “nail” is a conversation about the sexual advantages of the Deputy Minister of infrastructure Oleksandra Clytini. What the hell? Not only that, all have to strain, listening to the rustling of pants participants wiretapping, and such blatant mistakes.

Next: Anton (Poles) what a way to put a plum sliced in five minutes? It’s a primitive barbarism. It is necessary to add the recording to highlight key scenes and then put subjects. No,..right, skills of work with information. Complete profanation of the oldest profession. Get the meaning of the piece for 20 minutes – that means we need to spread. To come up with a title. For example, “How Klitina got to the office.” Or “Yuzik and scrap”. In the first place should be the convenience of use. And then, you know, panasapada channels, dumped a bunch of files and turn everything into a landfill. DB.

Now The “Joker”. There is a “Joker”? It does not matter. But to him no major complaints. Screenshots of messenger clear, easy to read, arranged in a logical sequence. But in recent times it has become clearly moonlight. Prank restaurateur Tishchenko was executed flawlessly. The author managed to bring the reader to believe that Tishchenko really mentally limited and clearly needs a psychiatrist. But then I went, pardon the expression, nonsense. It seems to be a serious prankster who requests a unique niche in the field of the telegram channels. He sets a high standard prank with Horny Bohdan Yaremenko. Well fit it into the current political situation, forcing the defendant to confirm the authenticity of his correspondence and to admit that he – “m..K”. But then complete failure. Where, for example, these quirks of style pornochat: gain 1000 tokens – show ass, that is following the drain? They are annoying. A high level prank, the uniqueness of the occupied niches are already guaranteed the number of users increases. Again, habit to post “seals” the tape. Well, there Kivu a mask or some pictures. Small and not interesting. How dramatically crushed and the underlying theme of the “prank”. Some mayor of Chernihiv and Bogdan. That’s what it is? I wanted to say Prancer? XS. Audience this “movie” is not necessary.

Again, began the friend, “the Joker” again. Requires to put something on Facebook. With Yaremenko, rolling, and blonde Klitina was nearly understood, what is rewritten about his boss with an outsider. Yeah, I managed to deepen the sexy line “of Krivorozhane”. The direction is correct and demanded by definition. However, clumsy performance, dumb prank “immediately got the dossier, we’ll see appointed by the Minister of infrastructure” ruined everything. It’s good that the object level prank allows you to hold such a gross dramatization. But honestly, there is a sense of deep satisfaction. You have the impression that the channel was sold to other people who bring it to a primitive level.

Literally last night appeared its debut on the market the drain channels with a simple dressing called “Pipe burst”. Once it became clear that it is the brainchild of “porkopolis” Pyotr Alekseevich Poroshenko. Attraction to feces in the design (ruined the toilet on the splash screen), positioning yourself as “the shit”, you stupid pale master – all are integral features of the ex-President. Besides, this is the only telegram-channel similar direction, which emerges on the move. Such disregard for the basics of the genre – anonymity, mystery and creativity – just insults. “Beginner”, among other things, provides call recording in the office of the head of the State Bureau of investigation of the Novel Pipe is as disgusting. Background noise, mumbling, slurred speech – all this complicates the use of the information. The advantages include a logical breakdown of the subjects of thefts and a brief retelling of the meaning of the conversation, listing the protagonists.

But what the fuck it is necessary to dilute the text emoticons, figures and other garbage? Is that girl writing? Or fifty-year-old boy with infantile-degenerate complex? Have you thought about the user, their comfortable consumption of the product? Well, Yes: “parohody” frankly palyatsya, since the main stories devoted to the pursuit Poroshenko evil detectives GBR. Had to do a little preparatory work. To prepare a number of materials, different orientation. You would like exclusive with the wire GBR. Anybody in the market for such material. With adequate promotion you could create an interesting channel that could not be associated directly with Poroshenko. Believe me: link to the person an opportunity to supply a product. Especially when you consider that it is Peter. Yes, most of the subscribers concerned for the employees of the office of the President, who in a hurry to put “EXA”. You form a positive image of the character with the nick-Neumann, B. A. Y (Bogdan Andrei Josipovic). Get the opposite effect. Cons in the channel is much greater than the advantages. Definitely.Alexander Zubchenko

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