Revival of the tourist industry: measures for the workers are waiting

Relance de l'industrie touristique: les mesures pour les travailleurs se font attendre

MONTREAL | The absence of measures to support workers in the plans of revival of the tourist industry is to be mourned by the trade Federation (FC-CSN).

Even if the measures announced by Quebec are “a step in the right direction,” the union organization, who is said to have proposed a number of initiatives in this regard, regrets the failure to take account of employees in the sector in the stimulus plans.

The Federation request including the extension of the Benefit of the canadian emergency (PKU), and of the wage subsidy program emergency of Canada (SSUC).

“The employees of the tourism industry have been among the first to be affected by the crisis of the COVID-19 and they have been hit hard,” said Saturday, Michel Valiquette, responsible tourism policy for the FC-CSN.

The union calls on the government Legault to put in place a multi-stakeholder working group for a “sustainable recovery” of the tourism industry.

“The workers are at the heart of this industry, which was already grappling with a problem of attraction and retention of workforce”, added Valiquette.

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