Reviving the economy: Charest is a lobbyist for companies saying they are essential

Relance de l’économie: Charest se fait lobbyiste pour des entreprises se disant essentielles

Jean Charest intervened with the government to ensure that companies are saying are essential to be able to continue their activities, despite the pause of Quebec until the 4th of may.

From 23 march to 12 April, Mr. Charest has contacted the ministry of Economy and the cabinet of minister Pierre Fitzgibbon on several occasions to defend the interests of 14 québec and foreign businesses, says the Registry of lobbyists.

“In the context of the closure of businesses and the uncertainty surrounding what was a key sector or not, several customers have sent to us, and Mr. Charest, in the context of his professional activities, has had contacts with the authorities in order to clarify positions and guidelines, and to advise our customers “, said yesterday in the Newspaper Alley Adams, a spokesman for McCarthy Tétrault, the law firm where works the ex-politician.

Yves Leduc, chief executive officer of industrial valves manufacturer Velan, made an appeal to McCarthy after the announcement of the decree of the government Legault, march 23.

“I wanted to be sure to understand and comply with the guidelines to be able to apply to the ministry of the Economy, whether one is exempt,” said Mr. Leduc.

The pressures of customers

“We received letters from our clients who told us “to make your government that you are a provider criticism of a key industry”,-he told. I received the american defense, for clients in the energy sector, etc “

Velan has received its exemption government the same evening, which allowed him to maintain a good part of the activities in its plants in quebec.

The company’s facilities in Europe, Asia and the United States have remained open.

Dozens of quebec companies have asked lobbyists in recent weeks, to intercede on their behalf to ensure they are included on the list of priority activities of the government, reveals the Registry.

Risk of relocation

In a podcast of McCarthy Tétrault released at the beginning of the month, Jean Charest is worried about the impact of the suspension of the activities of several companies.

“There will be serious economic consequences, he warned. It is not alone in the world. It may very well be that a manufacturing company of Quebec, which needs to close its operations, but which has antennas on the outside of Québec, transfers of production lines, which, inevitably, will not come back with us after. “

Fortunately, he, however, added, ” the government has also said clearly that he was not going to send the police on the factory floors, so there’s a lot of flexibility and informality in [its] approach “.

The current terms of lobbying

  • Costco (retail trade)
  • Ascendis (e-commerce)
  • BP Canada (roof shingles)
  • CIF Metal
  • CGC (gypsum)
  • Champion (iron mine)
  • Composites One Canada
  • Wulftec (packaging systems)
  • IntelGenx (pharmaceutical)
  • Marquis Printer
  • Robco (sealing products)
  • Supermétal Structures
  • Novaflex (fittings and hoses)
  • Velan (industrial valves)

► Mandates passed

  • Aerospace industries Association of Canada
  • TC Energy (pipelines)
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