“Revolution”: Janie and Marcio dance, alone, together

«Révolution»: Janie et Marcio dansent seuls, ensemble

MONTREAL | Pandemic or not, the international Day of dance takes place this Wednesday, April 29, and its spokesperson, Janie Richard and Marcio Vinicius Paulino Silveira, the duo winner of the most recent version of Revolution, want to inspire the pleasure of dancing… even every man for himself, in this moment.

Bad time for the arts in this period, where a coronavirus dictate our comings and goings, agree Janie and Marcio, which agree with one voice to affirm that the entertainment industry was the first to scoop from the requirement of containment, and that it will probably be the last to get back in motion.

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A huge thank you to the RQD – Regroupement québécois de la danse for your trust and this great opportunity. Thank you for supporting and promoting the artists among us. Thank you to the talented Bobby Leon have spent so much time on the timeline to bring this message of light and poetic. THANK you TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS:Philippe Amélie Jacques, Julius Audouin, abd al-rahman Belkebiche, Nicholas Bellefleur, Aicha Ben Chaaboune, Nathalie Benedict, Pauline Berndsen Gervais, Marianne Boulet, Charles Brecard, Mary-Lee Brunet, Miranda Chan, Jossua Collin, Marie-France Côté, Marilyne Cyr, Marie-Soleil Dion, Marilyn Daoust, Stacey Désilier, Alicia Desjardins, Annie Destrempes, Barbara Diabo, Luca Dizazzo, Roxane Duchesne-Roy, Yannick Fahey, Alexandre Francoeur & Alexandre Carlos, Jean-Marc Généreux, Kyra Jean Green, Janelle Hacault, Kennedy Henry & Cai, John Davies, Glover, Naomi Hilaire, Alexander Hille & Pier Loup Lacour, Reda Hoballah, Adriano Ieropoli & Samanta Scali, Samuel Jacob, Angelique Jodoin, Toshiro Kamara, Charlie & Alice Kirouac, Eva Kolarova, Mariya Kyrychenko, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Maika Laflamme, Amelia Lamanque, Josiane Lamarre, Eleonore Laramée, Camille Leduc, Diana Leon & Paco Ziel, Emmanuelle Lê Phan, Maïna Levesque, Morgane Le Tiec, Jason Martin, Guillaume Michaud, Alexandre Morin, Liliane Moussa, Coralie Muroni & David Lavoie, Laura Ndong, Anya Nevistaylo, AnPhong Nguyen, Erin O’loughlin, Juliette, Liz & Lea-Pink Paradise, Saskya Pauzé-Bégin, Hugo Pimentel, Ariana Pirela Sánchez, Alisia Pobega, Sébastien Provencher, Poulin Richard & David Laganière, Evelyne Richard & Lily Renaud, Laurianne Richard, Frédérique Rodier, Élodie Roy, Gabrielle Roy, Caroline Sicard, Annabelle Sinclair, Ricky Saint-Jusna, Maycie-Ann St-Louis, Bettina Szabo, Mila Tea, Mélissandre Tremblay-Bourrassa, Alexis Trépanier, Élianne Turcotte, Leah Vaillancourt, Diane Valiquette, Samuel Vignola.

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But that’s not a problem; this is not a reason to stop dancing, to support the winners 2019 of Revolution, which have become major standard bearers for contemporary dance in Québec since their triumph of last fall.

“We understand that it is hard to continue training, the physical side, argues Marcio. But it’s going to go well! We have to be creative. Each time you have a problem, a challenge, we try to feed them and to ask questions. I think it gives the opportunity to the dance community and the arts in general and find other ways to express themselves, to touch people, to enable them to meet the art.”

His girlfriend admits to his part to take advantage of those moments of pause that are allocated to him for rest, after the commitments and the projects that are strung together quickly at the end of the adventure Revolution.

“It has been so in a whirlwind, in the last year, it was so intense, and everything fell down. We won a lot of contracts and we had a lot of cancellations, unfortunately, but it is only postponed to a later date. We hope that the wheel will continue to turn when we are going to get back into it. But it’s good to have time for yourself (laughs), because I had not had for a long time. I am really positively. Me, I am creative, and I hope that it is just temporary. It is difficult for all industries ; I think he just needs to hold on to, and it’s going to go after”, portrays Janie, who spends a lot of time with his six year old daughter, Camille, during the confinement.

Mother and daughter have even learned all the choreography urban dance created by Team White, the first winners of Revolution, which is available on VAT.ca!

All connected

The activities related to the international Day of the dance is obviously limited in this context, Janie and Marcio have still found the means to share their message of passion in a video initiated by the Regroupement québécois de la danse, in-line now on the social networks.

The two dancers make great use of Instagram and other virtual platforms to deliver courses and lectures during each week of the containment. Marcio also uses her afternoons free to explore other artistic mediums, such as painting, photo and video.

“It is sure that it is complicated to celebrate during the pandemic, but just to give people a chance to celebrate dance during a day, to show that we love it, it’s part of our life, it is positive. It has found a poetic way to convey our message, which speaks of the complexity of dance, its various styles; this is a language we speak with our bodies. It is separate, but together, dancing at home,” said Marcio, who says he is incredibly honored to be a successor to Louise Lecavalier as an ambassador for the international Day of the dance.

“The dance, it is liberating for everyone,” adds Janie. We were so inspired, and we were so excited to share our work with others! In our video, we show how it is unifying; even if we are separated, we are all connected by the same situation and we live all the same thing. Our message really creates a link with what is happening today. And there is hope, as much for dancing as for singing and acting ; everything will resume eventually. He just needs to stay positive.”

You can follow the activities of Janie and Marcio, of Revolution, and view their video created for the international Day of dance on their page Instagram.

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