“Revolution”: nothing can stop Team White

«Révolution»: rien n’arrête Team White

MONTREAL | This is certainly not the containment that will prevent Team White to dance. The tour Revolution interrupted, and their dance school temporarily closed, Katherine and Alexandre Leblanc have found a new way to share their passion with dance lessons with “home”.

You want to wiggle with them, in your living room? Type VAT.ca, get off at the tab “Dance with Team White”, and view each of the five video clips featuring the tandem.

Alaclair Ensemble

The brother and sister 27 and 25 years, winners of the first season of Revolution, there detail step-by-step the movements of a choreography urban dance of their own, devised specially to entertain people in this dreary time of a pandemic.

Follow step-by-step instructions peppered with “step-left leg-six-left-right” of the dancers, and perform the same gestures on the air with the rousing piece of Céline, of Alaclair Ensemble, remixed by Alexander.

Relatively simple, routine, tinged with the unique style of Team White retains and reproduces easily. And most importantly, don’t forget that, the important, “it is always better to have cool air”, as the chants Katerine!

“It is super important for us to continue to move, says Alexander in an interview. In the current circumstances, we said that it was the best way to continue to move the young and the less young. Dance allows us to be free ; often, we don’t know what to do, we “get stuck” inside, and let it go on the music, it’s good for you. To me, this is my little trick when I’m doing housework. I make music, I dance, and it becomes easy to pass the sweeper! It moves all our way, and that is what is beautiful in there, let yourself be carried away by the music.”

“The choreography is quite accessible,” says the artist and business man. Anyone can go on the cell phone and follow the choreography.”

Dance for fun



Confined as the rest of Quebec, the two members of Team White did not have a magic to getting to carry out this project of web capsules : Alexander, living in Longueuil, and Katerine, Sainte-Adele, it is through video conferencing they have developed the sequence that they provide to the public.

“We are far enough, the process was quite complex in itself, laughs Alexander. Since we don’t live together, we chorégraphiait everyone home, with the phone and FaceTime. It wasn’t going super well! (laughter)”

To enjoy the exercise provided by Team White, Alexandre Leblanc suggests to people to go “little by little”. After a light meal and a warm soft, the sound of music “strong” (he insists on the term), a glass of water nearby, it starts and it explodes!

“The choreography is not that long, but the ideal is to start with the sections that we found most challenging, to make one or two movements, of the repeat, and don’t hesitate to have fun with it! This is not a competition, it is really just for the fun of it.”


Even if many of their commitments are being put on the ice – as the tour Revolution, of which several representations have been moved to the fall in the circumstances –, Team White is not resting on its laurels.

A documentary which is dedicated to Club illico is also state of the aftermath teeming and busy that have crossed Katerine and Alexander after the Revolution, following them in their daily lives. We see them work on portions of dance Gala Artis 2019, to take part in the competition Hit The Floor and work with the Cirque du Soleil for the show Rebel, introduced in Andorra, in Europe, in particular.

At this time, Katherine and Alexandre are always acting as consultants for the third season of Revolution and have developed the choreographies of adaptation chinese of the concept of quebec television. And even if their company, Studio Shake, based in Blainville and Sainte-Adèle, is paused because of the COVID-19, they continue to dance!

“It’s a lot less intense than before, but I would say that we rediscovered the dance, says Alexander. Now, it is more a look of pleasure. Usually, it is for work, but here, we go outside, we put our speakers and we let it go. We don’t dance, that’s for sure ; it follows us everywhere, every day!”

The people who will attempt the choreography proposed by Team White in a VAT.ca are invited to film themselves and share the results, accompanied by the hashtag #DansezavecTW, on the social networks. The documentary series in six episodes, Team White is available on Club illico.

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