Rezvani Motors presented a new military jeep

Rezvani Motors презентовала новый военный внедорожник

California-based Rezvani Motors has introduced a new version of the SUV Tank – Military Edition. The starting price of the car – about $300 000.

From conventional machines, the military is an armored exterior, more protection and the ability to install engine producing over 700 horsepower.

Novelty: bronekapsuly and glass with a maximum, the seventh level of protection that can withstand shots from an assault rifle. The battery and fuel tank of an SUV protected with Kevlar casing. The bottom of the car is also reinforced to protect against explosions.

The list of equipment Tank Military Edition includes:

  • radiator protection;
  • military tires that are not afraid of punctures;
  • retractable door handles;
  • the system is a smokescreen;
  • night vision system;
  • blinding lights;
  • strobe lights;
  • siren;
  • masks;
  • kits for first aid and protection from hypothermia.

Additionally, the SUV is available multiple options adjustable suspension, interior trim and colors.

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