Rhone: when traveling with their child, they carried more than 9 kilos of cocaine

The couple was carrying 9.5 kilograms of cocaine. (illustration). — French Customs

Was it a way to numb the vigilance of the customs officers ? Or were they really unconscious ? A couple who was travelling on the A6 motorway, with their 10 year old child, was arrested on the night of Sunday to Monday, at the height of Dracé in the Beaujolais. They carried 9.5 kilograms of cocaine in their vehicle.

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The customs officers had spotted their car parked on a motorway service area to and had been immediately intrigued, tells of The Progress. Making use of dog teams, they quickly discovered the pot aux roses. The drug was concealed in two caches of the car.

The couple, who lives in Nice, returning from Amsterdam, where it was stocked. The parents, aged in their thirties were arrested while their child was placed in an institute in the region.


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