Rhymes female: Bad Nylon asserts with his song Rappa

Photo: Alexis Belhumeur-Coupal
The four musicians of Bad Nylon are pioneers of the quebec rap.

It could be considered Bad Nylon as the response of women to Alaclair Ensemble, Dead Obies and Loud x Lary x Adjust. Or as passionate about hip-hop and daring to go on stage, in a group, to carve out a place on the rap scene in quebec francophone. “I don’t want to be seen as a model, but if I become one, so much the better, lance Kayiri. Myself, if I had seen more female rappers on the scene, I’d probably become a sooner. “DJ Audrey Bélanger come around :” It happened to us after a concert that a teen, even a girl of 18 years, vienna to see us to tell us that he wanted to rap. If there is only one that does, just a, for me, it’s mission accomplished. “


One could also consider the four musicians of Bad Nylon as a pioneer, since, except for oblivion, a rap group 100 % female, that has never been seen here, and rarely in the United States. “And the girls of Salt-N-Pepa produced their own beats, what we do,” notes the composer, producer, and MC Mary-Gold. However, they would prefer that we do not consider that to the quality of their work. Which, judging by their recent songs, has dramatically gained in finesse and maturity. After two EP learning, Music for brunch and The second set, published in 2015, Adb Nylon has learned its lessons, it jumps to the ears. It will jump to yours that Saturday night, when the quartet is invited to perform at the displays of M for Montréal.


For memory


Let’s go back five years earlier. Mary-Gold, the only member of the original of the original group still active, caught the fever in the rap : “This is the energy of rap that attracted me. Five years ago there was really another rap québécois, in the wake of the movement erap erap “, platform take-off of the composers-DJS-producers who today make the headlines. To force to mix the scene and to attend concerts, she decided to dive in. “I said to myself : as long as to want to rap, as much to do on my own beats. I really like this, the production. “


Kayiri had joined the group as accompanist. “I knew another girl of the original group, then I met Mary-Gold, which was looking for musicians to play on the album. “Kayiri had a violin in his hands during most of its existence. Studies at the Conservatory, in classical and in jazz, ” but I have always listened to hip-hop, I tripais on the rap here. One day, I saw Alaclair in concert and said to myself : OK, me also I would be able to do that. “

The haters, it is sure that there were. There, I think it is quiet because it’s been a while that we are on the scene.

DJ Audrey Bélanger is arriving later because the group was looking for a DJ to accompany them in concert. Around the table is just a lack of MC Zoz, as used in Europe. “The difficulty of being a woman in rap, advance, Mary-Gold, is that there is so little that if you want to get a group, it is necessary to cope with the schedule of those who can and all have the same goals. Zoz is dedicated a lot to her acting career, we have to manage with that… “


Mary-Gold is prudent. The difficulty of being a woman in rap is a matter of logistics, really ? They do not want to put emphasis on this, it feels. The scene is perhaps a boys’ club, but the music is not ” gendered “. “What is it that women can bring to the rap, right ? asks Mary-Gold. Man or woman, these are the individuals that enrich the music, as an artist. “


Hostile reception


When even, say they, the first steps of Bad Nylon have been greeted with hostility in some. Mary-Gold : “At the beginning, it has created a lot of stir on the scene. In environments that are very “rap “queb””, it is sure that it was about and that it has received a lot of comments… violent. “Kayiri :” The haters, this is for sure that there were. There, I think it is quiet, because it’s been a while that we are on the scene. The important thing is to continue. “


The evidence fell in last July. The song Girl Gang first song in the groove insidious and smoky, with touches of brass and synth G-funk that creeps behind the voices, choirs colours gospels, the three mcs that rap at the same time. Two days later arrived Rappa, its night atmosphere is totally different, in phase with the sound trap hovering of the moment — the best composition-instrumental Mary-Gold to this day, with the MC who stand in turn while making a wink to one of the best female rappers in the history of the stage, Missy Elliott. The clip hyperléché, signed by the director Caraz, shows the four musicians in power and in control. “What emerges from our shows, it is the idea of empowerment. It is our energy, as we capture the scene. “


We could talk about Bad Nylon because a rap group, female, Quebec, it is almost unheard of. Or, more simply, because that Rappa is a fuckin good song. It announces better — the musicians are currently in studio to finish recording their third EP, while Mary-Gold and Kayiri plot already their solo projects.

Bad Nylon

With The Color and Lydia Képinski, the Escogriffe this Saturday at 16: 15.

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