Rian Johnson promises not to spoiler the Last of The Jedi and wants to reassure us on the Porgs






When you are a fan, it’s a bit always the same story : We wait for something with impatience, we want to know everything, immediately, and once that is done we complain because we are shown too much and that it was a spoiler as beginners…

After that, we need to admit that, in recent years, the studios have been there as nags in their trailers so that we had nothing asked. Between the trailers that tell the whole movie, flinguant and as a result the interest that we could find, and those who showed plainly the last shot of the film (kissing Amazing Spider-Man 2), we have experienced a period of overvaluation to attract the barge in the rooms which, fortunately, tends to calm down in recent times. The studios have finally realized that the surprise is part of the magic of a film ?



That said, if there’s a franchise where it is not necessary to joke with it, it is Star Wars. For the past 40 years, the fans are dissecting the smallest details about each new film, and the shorter TV spot that comes out is analyzed to try to discover the secrets, he has to do is go on Youtube to realize it. And it is even more delicate, more so than with any other saga, fans will not pardonneraient never at the studio have included a big spoiler in the film’s promotion.

On the occasion of the communication of the Last Jedi, the film director Rian Johnson is shown to be particularly careful to avoid any spoiler awkward, like he just explained to the microphone of Yahoo, revealing that Lucasfilm and him had spent a lot of time to discuss what he had to show or not :

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“A year ago, maybe even before that, my producer Ram Bergman and I sat down with the people of Lucasfilm to determine what we were going to show and what we were going to keep secret until the release of the film. We have therefore prepared a list of items that should not, under any circumstances, be revealed. It is a fascinating process. Especially for me, who am a big fan of the saga I’ve always had the impression of passing behind the curtain and see how all that was decided was really incredible.”

So, don’t panic, we aren crâmera not the two – three big twists that we are promised from the beginning. Production, however, was not embarrassed to reveal the existence of a creature for the past few months, the Prog, sort of stuffed all cute, which poses a lot of questions in the community and that worries some. A concern that Johnson admits to having shared just as much for a good time :


“I was worried up until the moment where the dolls arrived on the plateau, and when the whole team has found them adorable. A few colleagues were looking with an evil eye, wondering if they were not too cute. But the general reaction of the team was that everyone loved the Porgs. And me too I love them. I understand that some are concerned about an item’s also cute in the Star Wars universe, but I love them and I think they have their place in the film.”

It remains for us, therefore, more than two months before knowing if the Porgs have a real purpose in the story where they are just there to sell toys to kids. Mind you, it wouldn’t be the first time that it happens and it has always delivered…

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