Rich portraits of society in the theatre

Photo: Yves Renaud
“The Margarita(s)” of Stéphanie Jasmin takes over this winter the boards can Space GB.

Like the previous one, the winter season is distinguished by the quantity — and quality — of female voices. In the authors first. But the creators are also relatively large to occupy the function of director, a niche that is still largely male. The portrait is also rich in proposals of all kinds, including some of the explorations of themes that have social or political relevance.


They look


After The night just before the forests, it was written that Brigitte Haentjens will continue his exploration of the theatre of Koltès. With In the solitude of the cotton fields, it orchestra to the Plant C a face-to-face between Sebastien Ricard, Hugues Frenette.


Martine Beaulne, she revisits latumultueuse siblings of the Chemin des passes-dangereuses. The play by Michel Marc Bouchard celebrates its twenty years with a return to the scene of the Jean-Duceppe.


Writers featured

Photo: Pedro Ruiz The Duty
The novelist and playwright Fanny Britt

The literary works have inspired many contemporary, as classic. With Hurlevents, Fanny Britt has drawn freely in Emily Brontë to create a comedy-drama probing the millénariaux and brought into the world by the director of the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier, Claude Poissant. One of the jewels of the letters of quebec, The distress, and the enchantment, will come to life at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM). A monologue where Marie-Thérèse Fortin door the voice of Gabrielle Roy. Finally, Geneviève Pettersen has adapted his own novel, The goddess flies to fire. This production by Théâtre PÀP offers the scene of the Threepenny eleven teenage girls.


Say and repeat

The new collective work of the inclusive company Joe Jack et John (which incorporates an interpreter living with an intellectual disability) has a premise, a very topical theme. In Say thank you, directed by Catherine Bourgeois, the preparation of a feast to welcome refugees shifting from good intentions to power struggles. As early as 26 January, to be free Space.


Olivier Choinière is launching its first creation in the era trumpienne, a period in which the absurd has become normal, ” he said. The author examines the power of persuasion of the guru policy on its faithful. With twelve actors and a metal band on stage, John said announcement is a ” wake up call “. The creator of Mommy, it doesn’t hurt to believe it. From the 20th of February, in the Theatre of today.


Philosophy metaphysics


The robots make love? will take the form of a creation to the present topic — and fascinating. Angela Konrad is based on a test scientifico-philosophical to address the technological advances that call into question the nature and limits of the human species. A spectacle in the form of a symposium fictitious. As of 27 February, at the Usine C.


The useful life is a marriage promise between a tale ” metaphysical “, plunging into the memory and the dream, Evelyne de la Chenelière and directed by Marie Brassard. With Christine Beaulieu and Sophie Cadieux, among others. On 24 April, at Espace GO.


Youth of today

Photo: Yves Renaud
The actors Renaud Lacelle-Bourdon and Évelyne Brochu in “The idiot”

The young Marianne Dansereau won the prix Gratien-Gélinas for this first piece, called Hamster, which offers a vision tragi-comedy of loneliness in the suburbs. A production directed by Jean-Simon Traversy. As of 6 march, and The Unicorn.


The Idiot marks the entry of interesting young designers at the TNM : stage director Catherine Vidal and playwright Étienne Lepage, which transposes the novel of Dostoevsky. With a large cast, including Renaud Lacelle-Bourdon and Évelyne Brochu. From the 20th of march.


Among them, in us


It is a rich soil that the quebec theatre has been little explored to this day. Simon Boudreault (As is) draws from his own life to ask his next satirical on a union intercultural. How I became a muslim, his comedy-drama, depicts the questions that results in a birth when the future dad is an atheist and that beautiful family of moroccan origin is religious… as early As April 3, at The Unicorn.


Intriguing, this creation of Alexia Bürger (Alfred) around individual responsibility called The Harding. All of the characters (portrayed by Martin Drainville, Patrice Dubois and Bruno Marcil) appoint Thomas Harding, as the train driver involved in the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic… on the 10th April, at the Theatre today.


Rarely climb here, Betrayal, the brilliant piece of the British Harold Pinter, dissects infidelity, marital and friendly, through a bold structure reversed. Frédéric Blanchette directs a tantalizing trio : Julie Le Breton, François Létourneau, and Steve Laplante. On may 8, at the green Curtain.


Frédéric Dubois returns to one of its authors, fetishes, Ionesco with chairs. The director of the King dies brings together two greats of the scene, Monique Miller, Gilles Renaud, in this farce tragic. On may 8, the TNM.

Light on Stéphanie Jasmin

Co-director of the Théâtre UBU, where she often shared the stage with Denis Marleau and Stéphanie Jasmin has this time written a solo piece, the captivating theme. The Margarita (s) is inspired by Marguerite Porete, author burned for heresy in 1310. With the amazing Sophie Desmarais, Louise Lecavalier, Céline Bonnier, or Évelyne Rompré. The Space GB. Jasmine will also design video of the blue Tiger of the Euphrates, at the Quat’sous. A monologue where Laurent Gaudé talk to a Alexander the Great (Emmanuel Schwartz) dying.

From the tv to the stage

Interactivity is the future of the theatre ? Designed by URBANIA and the New Experimental Theatre, Alpha and Omega raises the issue through a unique experience that starts in the form of a webseries that aired on Artv, from the 30th of January. The spectators there will choices that will influence the piece, written by comedian Christian Vanasse, which will be created in April to free Space…

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