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If you thought that Ricky Gervais had exhausted his reservoir of replicas shocking and caustic at the gala of the Golden Globes in January, think again. The second season ofAfter Life, which landed Friday on Netflix, has tons.

Written and performed by actor, author and stand-up comic british, this sequel takes us back to the heart of the daily life of a man who has lost the desire to live since he lost his wife, died of cancer. In the first episode, we also find Tony (Ricky Gervais) in bed watching old videos of her. It was thought that he had finally managed to pull himself out of the doldrums in which it was pressed last year, but no.

Overcoming depression takes more time.


We feared the worst when Ricky Gervais announced last October that he intended to follow in After Life. We had so enjoyed the first season, it was difficult to see how it could retain the same level of quality for the other six episodes of 30 minutes. Lesson to learn : never under-estimate Mr. Gervais.

As solid, this second season offers a perfect mix of jokes, making outrageous and profound emotion. The effect of surprise may be evaporated, but the great pleasure with which we find the residents of Tambury is ample compensation. The marketing director of the newspaper, the factor homeless, the sex worker, Lenny the photographer… They deserve their own series.

Ears sensitive

We retranscrirait well as several replicas ofAfter Life to give you a small idea of the level of coarseness that you need to wait at times, but to avoid scratches to a too large number of retinas, we prefer to abstain.

Be aware, however, that, after three episodes, the palm of the character, the language, the more raw comes back to the psychiatrist to Tony, a narcissistic, misogynist, and incredibly vulgar, brilliantly played by Paul Kaye. If you like the humour moved and stripper, you will remember each scenes in which he appears. Speaking from a friend’s nickname more than doubtful, ” the paedophile “, he says: “One day, he was so stoned that he typed a dwarf. He said it was like fucking a kid. But legally. “

Appointments please

We still do not understand why the first season of’After Life had not made more waves to the Emmy, the Golden Globes and any other award ceremony in north american in 2019.

Let’s hope that in 2020, the story will be different. Because the biggest flaw ofAfter Life, this is moving too fast.

The 2e season of’After Life lands on Netflix on Friday. Also available in a French version.

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