Rid of a headache without pills

Избавляемся от головной боли без таблеток

Traditional Oriental medicine eliminates many of the problems of human health, using massage of biologically active points. This method can be used to relieve a headache, improve memory, increase concentration, relieve tension. Tell in detail!
Headache is a common problem that people face daily. Basically, it runs itself and does not cause us grave concern. However, recurrent severe headache can hinder our daily activities. And usually, we have one way of solving this problem is receiving pain medication.+

In such situations, we often resort to natural means, which is both more effective and safe. For example, massaging certain points on the neck and the head, you will achieve the same if not better result.+

Active points for quick relief of a headache

Third eye

Избавляемся от головной боли без таблеток

The point of the “third eye” located between the eyebrows, at the beginning of the forehead. Massage this point relieves headaches, improves concentration, stimulates mental activity.+

Point Yingxiang

Избавляемся от головной боли без таблеток

Point Yingxiang located at the end of the nose, near the nostrils and in the beginning of school. Impact on these points relieves fatigue, eye pain, toothache, relieves runny nose.

The line of 7 points

Избавляемся от головной боли без таблеток

The line starts in the forehead, then goes in towards the ears and ends at the nape. The distance between the points is the width of one finger. Simultaneous impact on the line of 7 points relieves headache and migraine and also reduces tension in the face.+

Massage of biologically active points is our ambulance body. However, this method of healing has its contraindications, which require a doctor’s advice.

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