Rights of the person: the president, Duterte said he “was insulted” by Trudeau

Photo: Manan Vatsyayana Agence France-Presse
“I enrage [to hear] these foreigners who are unaware of what is happening in this country, who don’t even inform,” said the president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

The prime minister Justin Trudeau is said to have “exchanged directly” with the president of the philippines, and raised difficult issues, such as the rights of the person or the ” killings outside the judicial system “. The president Rodrigo Duterte was later called his comments” an insult personal and official “.


The bloody war that book the president philippine drug includes extrajudicial killings by his government which have left thousands dead in the Philippines.


In a press briefing Tuesday after a summit of the Association of nations of South-East Asia (ASEAN), Manila, Mr. Trudeau has indicated to reporters that he had stressed to the president Duterte the need to maintain the rule of law in the Philippines. He even offered the president the friendly support of the Canada.


According to Mr. Trudeau, the president Duterte has been receptive at the time of this interview, called ” a very cordial and positive “.


“All the countries of the world know that, when they speak in Canada, they are going to hear about human rights — and we are the first to recognize that we are not perfect,” said Mr. Trudeau, citing the ill-treatment suffered by the aboriginal people for centuries.


A little later, before the journalists, Mr. Duterte did not hear of this ear. “I said to him : “I’m not going to explain to you. It is a personal insult and official.” I enrage [to hear] these foreigners who are unaware of what is happening in this country, who don’t even inform. “


The president of the philippines is very sensitive to this kind of criticism : it had described the us president Barack Obama of a” child of a bitch ” when Washington had criticised the campaign against the drug traffickers.


The current american president, Donald Trump, who is also involved in the ASEAN summit, has not addressed publicly the matter with his counterpart in the philippines.


In the press conference, Mr. Trump insisted on the “excellent relations” between the two men..


Impassioned speech


Prime minister Trudeau had delivered earlier on Tuesday an impassioned speech to key members of the ASEAN. At the summit of the ASEAN-Canada, Mr. Trudeau said that Canada was eager to become a member of the Summit of the East Asia and the expanded meeting of the Defence ministers of the ASEAN, which brings together in particular the United States, China and Russia.


The prime minister stated that Canada’s position in favour of free trade puts it in a unique position that would help the association to promote economic growth in South-East Asia.

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