Rihanna has become a trendsetter in the world of plastic surgery

Рианна стала трендсеттером в мире пластической хирургии

The nose of the singer is the idol for millions of fans around the world were recognized even in the world of “doctors beauty”.

Patients are increasingly turning to doctors with a request to make a nose like Riri. The reason for this success is the symmetry of the nose, a slight rise, and straight back — says plastic surgeon from new York M. Draft.

The influence of the artist to represent modern young women about beauty and extremely high, she is a fashionable trendsetter. Fortunately, in order to become like the singer, not necessarily to resort to plastic surgery. Recently, personal makeup artist the singer, Priscilla Ono, shared with reporters a few makeup secrets Rihanna.

The main trick Macapa stars – venom-chosen Foundation: its Riri chooses the color of the skin of the shoulder. “Put the shoulder to the face and check whether they match the shades,” said Priscilla Ono. Also, you should apply the product to align the skin with the cyst, and then spread with a sponge, avoiding places that don’t need it. Also, It is advised to refresh the skin with spray, to protect from drying due to the use of cosmetics. The secret of eyebrow Rihanna turned out to be surprisingly easy: she’s doing her eyebrows with a piece of dry soap. For brushing used brush for mascara that dry lather with soap, due to which the hairs are fixed. “It’s an old trick makeup artists,” It added.


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