Rihanna spotted with billionaire in Mexico

Рианну заметили с миллиардером в Мексике

After rumors of the affair with Riri Pattinson, the star appeared in the company of her ex-boyfriend at a resort in Mexico. But they have not so smooth: the lovers there was a terrible scandal.

Paparazzi spotted Rihanna with billionaire Hassan Jamil in Mexico. The pair fiercely about something argued, and, judging by the pictures, the offended in this situation was Riri. Specialist physiognomy was able to determine some of the details of their argument.

According to the expert, in conversation, the singer feels hatred and disgust for her boyfriend, and that, in turn, his behavior shows that he in front of her did something wrong and feels guilty. As it can be seen as the guy trying to justify to Rihanna but he is unable. According to the expert, the celebrity, his words caught billionaire, after which he went home in a strong nervous tension.

Users believe that the pair has resumed relations, without solving your previous problem – that is why they have the conflict occurred in Puerto Vallarta.

Previously, Rihanna has stated that he does not want a relationship because she is tired of men. And Hassan Jamil, in turn, said that she broke his heart. Fans of the pair can only hope that the couple will settle all your issues and will please their fans a joyful event.

Рианну заметили с миллиардером в Мексике


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