Rihanna was embarrassing on the red carpet

Рианна оконфузилась на красной дорожке

30-year-old Rihanna appeared in London for the British premiere of “8 friends of Oushena”, where she played one of the roles, got into an awkward situation. The singer appeared on the red carpet in a striking outfit, unintentionally bared his chest: gold glittering outfit Rihanna from metallic fabric slid off her shoulder. Since the dress was a very deep V-shaped neckline and chest of the singer is very impressive size, guests of the premiere were able to see her curvy shape in a flash — literally and figuratively. However, the singer did not panic and quickly put his outfit in order, adjusting the dress. However, she managed never to lose your dazzling smile.

On the red carpet in London gathered, in addition to Rihanna, the whole constellation of celebrities — Helena Bonham-Carter, Sandra bullock, cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, and they all looked terrific. The film, which has already become the fourth film of the franchise on the ocean, has been a great success. Despite the fact that in this movie where all the main roles are played by female stars, not the performer of the role of Danny ocean — George Clooney, the creators of the “8 girlfriends” can be satisfied with charges of his creation in the box.

Although “Friends” was launched in American cinemas soon on June 5, the film has managed to collect almost $ 60 million, despite the fact that the budget of this project amounts to 70 million. But the film premiered yet not in all countries! Moreover, as it has been estimated that “Friends” can already boast the best debut weekend in the history of the franchise — ever since the screens came in 2001, the first film in “12 friends of Oushena”.


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