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Ринок обліпихи щорічно збільшується вдесятеро

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About TSE group respown its co-founder and I compan “YAK trading”, scho to enter the warehouse fermerskogo of gospodarstva “NIN Agroinvest” Pavlo Yakovlev.

“Naspravdi obley in Ukraine wirewool bagato, ale duzhe drvname the volume, that scho not know rinku zbutu. Mi W spostiamo scho Rinok to zbutu for ables s konem rock zblast all bilshe I bilshe, and not just in dvukratnaya and Rosmer tenfold,” says Yakovlev.

He zauvazhiv scho berry koristus a Cup of COF at the HoReCa sector, for example, for tea. At the same hour , I export posits for ables. Yakovlev zaznaczyl scho economy at a time virosa oblio 10 hectares, the prot PLANO zbrisati to 40. Great for freezing tovarno part prima ) , more farmers from the population.

“Plus, we have a spetsialni provocatively mehanti, for yakih DOPOMOGA mi darrellom oblio from Glock. Chi and designs available ACCOR and special mehanna, that zrobili separatist. Yea we UML, that to roblet for us obladnannya. Trial I poselok mi Yogo conducted scho dozvola we are Robit to Tony obley for smo and TSE 6 hours”, ― vdtu expert.

He pidkreslyv scho at a time the economy 100% products Prada Seredin Ukraine — here the price ccache, than on export.

“At a time TSE is important for blso of Chastain products – mayzhe vsih AGD. Now all products Vigne of prodavati Seredin Ukraine. For rakhunok smorning of currency to soul strongly smylsya vartist product in Euro. Z konim rock mi Zblewo of Obagi the expansion, Ukraine s konem rock STA Silencio I Delta, Yak Bula as, in Ukraine nabagato deshevshe, than in whether yaky Evropeysky the country. Won sensualist I dosage rznic in Zn 5-10 Prozent. I Cup of COF º. So, not such a great Yak for export expansion, but zamovlennya stable I s konem rock h STA all bilshe I bilshe”, — podlive expert.