Rio Tinto Alcan: a new labour contract for the employees of the factory Alma

Rio Tinto Alcan: un nouveau contrat de travail pour les employés de l’usine d’Alma

ALMA | the employees of the factory Alma de Rio Tinto Alcan have agreed with a large majority for a new labour contract with a duration of four years, on Thursday.

The contract was ratified with a majority of 96 % for the accreditation schedule, 89 % for office workers and unanimity among police officers-fire fighters.

“This is the result of the development of relations since 2012. A more constructive relationship established with the time and this sentiment is confirmed in this latest round of trading. It is the result of constructive negotiations,” said Sylvain Maltais, who represents union members of the three accreditations from the factory, on Friday, in a statement released by the Syndiat Steelworkers.

The unionized factory Alma had accepted in 2018 the reopening of their contract of employment, conditional on investment in a centre of billet. The abandonment of the project has forced the holding of new negotiations, which took place over several months. The expiry of the collective agreement was expected in December.

The wages and the pension plan were not the subject of negotiation since they are framed by the process of adjustment is continuous.

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