River reconstruction: in St. Petersburg will update the sculpture Rostral columns

PHOTO : TASS / Kovalev Peter


In Saint-Petersburg in the coming months will close down the scaffolding sculptures at the foot of the Rostral columns. Climate and time has not spared the statues: they are cracked, and in some places they have fallen off whole chunks. How will they be saved, told the correspondent of “MIR 24” Yaroslavna Frolov.

The Volga, Dnieper, Neva and Volkhov – four sculptures at the foot of the Rostral columns symbolize not only the great rivers of Russia. It is a tourist Mecca. It’s time to get dolled up. The last time they engaged in back in 2003.

“They pojiratelei, because the area lively. A huge anthropogenic pressure. There are places where you can see the destruction of the stone. He is gentle, he lives in our climate. And without this it is a decent amount of years”, – said the Chairman of the Committee Sergei Makarov.

Limestone, sculpture, stone Moody and sensitive. It is still unclear why in 1810 it was selected for figures. He is spoiled from rain, snow, wind and jokes about changeable St. Petersburg weather will never become obsolete. Therefore, the city administration has to closely monitor each crack that appears at the foot of the columns.

“Picked up a stone that will use to the major defects to compose. Provides surface treatment to protect against weathering and other factors. That is the solutions” – said the General Director of the restoration company Nina Shangina.

During the restoration of the limestone will strengthen, remove impurities and cleanse the fungus. But to protect the column it is necessary not only from the disaster. Extensive damage inflicted tourists who every time try to touch the beautiful, but to climb on it.

The last time people were allowed to Rostral columns 16 years ago. And then they almost fell into disrepair due to negligence of tourists. After that, the monument was closed not only for reconstruction but also for the public. And now to the business card of the city are more careful, and restoration begin on the first call of the sculptor and columns.

It is noted that the work will be finished by August. And it’s not a plan but a necessity, because working with limestone only at temperatures above zero.