Robbers in masks have crushed the village in Mykolaiv region

Налетчики в масках разгромили сельсовет в Николаевской области

© RIA Novosti, stringerThree unknown in masks on the night of December 12, cracked the door Galileoscope of the village Council in Mykolayiv region and has arranged there pogrom. This was reported by local edition “news-N” with reference to employees of the village Council.At this time, the building was only one old woman-the watchman.

The raiders tied the woman cracked the door almost in all the rooms, overturned furniture and scattered documents.
They then left, saying last bound woman, “Say hi to the head of the village”.

In the Department of communication of the police of the Nikolaev area reported that the attackers took 13 new laptops.

A criminal case under article “Robbery”. The sanction of article provides till 12 years of imprisonment.

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