Robot “bad news” caused a scandal in the American hospital

The hospital management apologized.

Робот "поганих новин" спровокував скандал в американській лікарні

In the most advanced medical institutions in the USA have introduced a brand new feature – the work must report to hopelessly ill patients “bad news”, informs Rus.Media.

As a result, the experiment led to the scandal.

So, in the hospital of the city of Fremont (CA), the attending physician decided using the work to report of 78-year-old man that medicine in his case, already powerless.

The patient had a hearing problem and could not understand the language of the work, besides the visibility and the sound was bad.

In the end, it had to do with the patient’s relatives, one of whom said that “no one wanted to hear bad news as we heard them”.

The news caused outrage from the medical community, and ordinary people. They called the behavior of the employees fremontca hospital unprofessional and soulless. The hospital management apologized and promised to review its policy regarding telemedicine.