Robots for personal life needs to ban


На роботів для інтимного життя повинні ввести заборону

Scientists from Britain are concerned about the future of humanity and insist on banning sex robots. Because they think people are doomed to extinction. Soon to replace the constant sexual partner will come to work, reports Rus.Media.

Researcher of artificial intelligence at the University of Sheffield Noel Sharkey alarmed by the arrival of robots in our world. He believes that is not far off the time when young people 18-34-year-old man will spend the evening with sex robots, but after half a century, formed a movement that will advocate for a relationship only with “artificial people.”

The doctor-sexologist, candidate of medical Sciences Alexander Poll hastened to deny this statement, saying that the scientist hurried with forecasts.

According to Polva, to replace a real person, and especially his genitals, very difficult. Reproduction of this “mechanism” is an almost impossible task now. Sponge sex work, though it has a similar appearance, but the lack of internal processes in the genital organs such as blood supply, periodic contraction-expansion, as well as hydration and temperature rise, thus leading to use sex work as a permanent partner.

Sex dolls are more popular with women, not men. They help to relax and get to know yourself. Alexander Polv added that the fascination with robots for men is humiliating.

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