ROC made the black list of Greek dioceses for pilgrims

РПЦ составила черный список греческих епархий для паломников

© RIA Novosti, Vladimir AstapkovichPilgrimage center of the Moscow Patriarchate made a preliminary list of dioceses of the Greek Orthodox Church (EOC), which is not blessed to visit the pilgrims of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). It is published on the website of center 2 Nov.
Earlier, the Greek Church recognized the Ukrainian schismatics — the so-called “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” (ptsu). The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church said in response about Eucharistic communion with the bishops of EPTS, which recognize the PCU and will do with dissenters.

“In response to requests Pilgrimage center of the Moscow Patriarchate explains that currently, on the basis of the statement of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church are not blessed with the pilgrimage to the following dioceses of the Greek Orthodox Church: the diocese of Athens, Athens; Lagatsky diocese, G. Langada; Vera diocese, the city of Veria; the diocese of Arta, Arta G.; Trekkinga diocese, G. Trikkala; Dimitriada diocese of Volos”, — stated in the message.

The so-called “Orthodox Church of Ukraine” was established in late 2018 at the initiative of the Ukrainian authorities and the Patriarchate of Constantinople. This schismatic structure was formed by the merger of two other schismatic churches.

Received from Patriarch Bartholomew of the Tomos “autocephaly”, in fact she was almost completely dependent on Constantinople. To date no other local Church, except the Greek, is not recognized by the PCU.

The only canonical Church in Ukraine is Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) of the Moscow Patriarchate.

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