ROC strikes counterattack on the “canonical territory” Fanara

РПЦ наносит контрудар по «канонической территории» Фанара

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“At the request of praying”

In Turkey, the first officially registered Russian Orthodox community. This is the website of the “Society of the Orthodox Russian-speaking faithful of the province of Antalya”. Thus, the Moscow Patriarchate will be able to open their temples in the most popular destinations of Russian tourists and pilgrims in the territory of the so-called of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.Previously this was not possible, as rules prohibit the Apostolic Ministry in a foreign canonical territory. However, due to the recognition last year of the Istanbul Bartholomew Ukrainian Samosata, the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) has determined that the so-called Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople now remains outside the field of canonical Orthodoxy.” Acceptance of Christ’s Holy mysteries to the faithful of the Russian Church here.

РПЦ наносит контрудар по «канонической территории» Фанара

However, according to the website of the Russian Orthodox Church, “the Moscow Patriarchate began to receive numerous complaints living in Turkey the Russian-speaking Orthodox believers with the request of the organization of pastoral care”.

Already on 11 November last year in the Church of SS Constantine and Helena, located on the territory of the summer residence of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Istanbul, was the Liturgy that made appointed by the decree of the Patriarch of Moscow, acting Abbot of the temple priest George Sergeev.

РПЦ наносит контрудар по «канонической территории» Фанара

The service was attended by the Russian Consul General in Istanbul, as well as compatriots living in Istanbul and its surroundings.

At the end of the Liturgy FR George said in a sermon that the decision of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church of October 15, about the impossibility of Eucharistic communion with the Ecumenical Patriarchate (the official name of the so-called of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Greek language) due to gross violations of the canons with his hand, started regular worship services in the historic Russian Embassy Church in Istanbul became a manifestation of care of the Russian Church about her children, living on Turkish soil.

РПЦ наносит контрудар по «канонической территории» Фанара

Met a priest with the representatives of the Russian-speaking Diaspora in Turkey.

Following this, George served in the capital, Ankara, and Izmir, Antalya and other cities.

On 25 may 2019, the Patriarch sent to Antalya priest George was Ivancioglo, tasked with the spiritual care of Orthodox province. But back on April 28 – Easter – FR ivancioglo was made in Antalya festive Liturgy, which brought together more than 200 people.

Now, after making the first Russian Orthodox community of the faithful may not only pray in the temples at the Embassy and consulates, but also to build temples of the Russian Orthodox Church (with the support of patrons from the entire Russian world, if need be) on the territory lapsed into the heresy of once of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Now the attention of the Orthodox Turkey and Russian-speaking tourists offers a schedule of services at Society of Orthodox Russian-speaking faithful of the province of Antalya” (Antalya, Cumhuriyet str., 60 / Elmalı, No:, Cumhuriyet Cd. No:60, 07040 Muratpaşa/Antalya). Phone:+905524566090; Email: Facebook-page –

P. S. In 1996 when the Ecumenical Patriarchate invaded the canonical territory of the ROC in Estonia, acknowledging the local dissenters, the DECR Chairman Metropolitan Hilarion. Cyril (the future Patriarch of Moscow) wrote: “one Can imagine hypothetically the following picture: imagine that tens of thousands of Russians who settled in Istanbul today, will return to the Russian Church with the request to organize a diocese in the territory of Turkey. Well, imagine if the Turkish government will agree with this wish Russian? Whether the authority of the Moscow Patriarchate, Recalling the request of his believing people, “not leaving them in the lurch”, as it says, the Patriarch of Constantinople in relation to the Estonians to take this step? We assure you: never, under any conditions, the Russian Church did not invade and will not intrude on the canonical territory of other Local Churches — who would never asked for it”.

The question of whether the ROC continues to consider the so-called Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople Orthodox Church? Isn’t it time for saying “A” to spell “Dick”. There is a letter in old Church Slavonic alphabet.Dmitry Skvortsov

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