Rod le Stod had no back-thought

Rod le Stod n’avait aucune arrière-pensée

The rapper Rod le Stod had no second thought when he was contacted by the Dr. Horacio Arruda for his video, Oragio.

“I sent him the song, trying my luck. He agreed, and took three minutes in his days extremely loaded to stretch a little bit “, he said in an interview to the Newspaper, yesterday lunchtime.

“I had so much fun doing the choreography with Horacio, I said to myself that it was impossible that the others don’t want to do it, too,” he continues. There are plenty of people who have told me how it made them laugh. Undeniably, it is something that is super positive. ”

At the time of our interview with Rodolphe Demers, his real name, Dr. Arruda had not yet apologized, in tears, during the press briefing daily from the government.

Rod le Stod no longer recalled The Log afterwards.

“An error in good faith”

Tuesday morning, the rapper is 32 years lamented rather to have announced that it is putting the profits from his song to the Refuge of the young, even before having asked permission of the body.

“I put their logo without asking, he acknowledges. It’s still an error in good faith made for a good cause and a good intention. […] The sub will eventually go to another organization that helps people in need in Montreal. I don spécifierai not the name for the moment. ”

Out its crazy

And he said to the people who find it inappropriate to see the Dr Arruda dancing while the dead continue to accumulate during the pandemic ?

“I don’t have to respond to Dr. Arruda. However, I know that I’m all alone at home, stressed out for the past two months, and that I need to find a way for me to stretch the legs. ”

“I can imagine that the director of public health, at this time, may need to get his crazy from time to time,” he adds. A little three minutes, it doesn’t hurt anyone. ”

Rod le Stod won the Festival international de la chanson de Granby 2012. He has since released two albums on the market.

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