Rodeo Fx, the creator of the worlds, thanks to the special effects

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Rodeo FX has designed approximately 75 plans for “Blade Runner 2049”, most of them as extensions of sets.

This mini-series published during the Holiday season highlights the workers of the shadow of some of the successes of the year 2017. First case : Sébastien Moreau, president of Rodeo FX, quebec company behind the special effects of mégaproductions, “Game of Thrones” to “Blade Runner 2049”.

In the truest of the true high office of the president Sébastien Moreau, in Old Montreal, there is a beautiful image reworked by Russell Young, a large-format shot of the movie the Magnificent Seven, the western cult of the 1960s, inspired by the Seven Samurai of Kurosawa. Moreover, we are well aware of Yul Brynner in the centre of the ride of the vigilantes.


“It is a wink at the rodeo,” says the occupant of the great office, Sébastien Moreau, president and founder of Rodeo FX. The box specializes in special effects did not work on the remake of 2016 of the Seven mercenaries. It could have been. Rodeo FX collaborated on dozens of projects each year and not the least. Nothing that in 2017, the quebec company has among other things worked on the movies IT, The Greatest Showman, Valérian, Jumanji and of course Blade Runner 2049, the director Denis Villeneuve.


“It is a film that is iconic in the world of visual effects, note the boss. When working in this field, often, it is because it has been marked by films such as Blade Runner in our youth. In addition, when Denis Villeneuve has given us his contract, we were working on the series Game of Thrones and Star Wars : The Last Jedi. It was a year quite incredible. “


Four selections on ten


This mini-series of the Duty of the end of the year focuses on workers in the shadow of success of 2017. Game of Thrones is the production of the world’s most popular on tv at the moment, as the new film in the series stars breaking audience records everywhere.


All proportions kept, with 327 million of revenue on a budget of 190 million, the sequel to Blade Runner has not really given at the box-office as the first version. But like the original, the new science-fiction film has achieved critical extremely positive, arousing often the admiration of connoisseurs, almost all, except the director of the first Blade Runner, Ridley Scott has just declared to the New York Magazine that this result was ” fuc [blip] too long “. The film of 2 hours 49 minutes figure in the short list of ten films selected for the Oscar for visual effects, with three other films on which he worked Rodeo FX (Kong, Star Wars and Valérian).

Photo: HBO Canada
The company works on the series “Game of Thrones” for a few seasons.

Rodeo FX has also completed three other films from Villeneuve, Incendies (2011), Enemy (2013) and Arrival (2016). Again, for Blade Runner 2049, the director and supervisor of visual effects have divided the mandate into several companies, including some of the other quebec.


Rodeo FX has designed approximately 75 plans, most of which are extensions of sets. The office of the presidential is naturally equipped with a screen and its occupant is done through the sequences. The key “rodéenne” is found in all indoor and outdoor scenes of the orphanage, a camp for children ; in the arrival of the heroes to the Las Vegas sandy and orange ; in a casino to the abandonment ; to the library infinite ; and then with a plan to dive the Los Angeles night, a tribute to the first film, where we see the logos of Coca-cola, Peugeot, and Atari.


The unit of the film is fragmented and has been provided by the instructions of the director. The illustrators of Montreal were so well put in image his concepts and visions that Denis Villeneuve has finally employees for plans that Rodeo FX has not worked.


“We had the time, which is not usual,” says Mr. Moreau. We have had more than a year, when you would have been able to accomplish the same work in six months. For Denis, the important thing is, first and foremost, the clarity and comprehension of the story. I worked on what, 150 movies, and this movie is by far one of my favorites. “


The roots of success


Sébastien Moreau comes from the basic of this business very Twenty-first century. A degree in fine arts and media technology at the cégep de Jonquière in the early 1990s, he learned on the job. “The software of today did not exist. I worked at the assembly for the company’s Buzz. And this is where I met Denis Villeneuve for the first time. He had just finished The Race around the world, and he began to make music videos and commercials. “


The artist, technician Sébastien Moreau has then been abroad for fifteen years, working half of the time for director Peter Jackson, grand master of the trilogy of the Lord of the rings. He returned to Quebec, and has co-founded Rodeo FX in 2006, as a contract starting on the special effects for the american film The journey to the center of the Earth, released two years later.


At its inception, the company had three employees, two business partners and a director, all three installed in the basement of the building where the president has his office. Rodeo now employs over 420 people in several major buildings of Vieux-Montréal, on of the streets to the appellations royal (Prince or Queen) who betray the imperial age in the neighborhood. Rodeo FX has an office in California and has just opened a european office in Munich.


It is now and by far the largest of its sector in the country. Two “rodéens” three are from Quebec. For the rest, there was “a lot of French people” and ” people everywhere “.


Its multinational teams working in particular on the continuation of the series Fantastic Beasts, offering antépisodes of the Harry Potter series. “It was part of the first film. There will be five. This is a very, very big contract that we could ensure work for years. “


Rodeo FX also work on Ant-Man 2, Marvel studios. When you enter the HQ, it is necessary to sign a promise not to capture images, and do not reveal anything about what we’ll see in the screens of the technicians.


“There are a handful of studios that require a lot of visual effects and we are under contract with each of them, proudly told the president. We can create or recreate anything, any creature, any place. The limit is your imagination and budget. “

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