Rodgers reportedly looking to ‘pull a Tom Brady’

Rodgers reportedly looking to ‘pull a Tom Brady’

Rodgers reportedly looking to ‘pull a Tom Brady’

Aaron Rodgers has made it clear this offseason that he is not seeking a contract extension from the Green Bay Packers. If that was all he wanted, the star quarterback probably would have shown up for work a long time ago. What Rodgers really wants, according to one report, is a contract reduction.

Rodgers has three years left in the four-year, $ 134 million extension he signed with Green Bay in 2018. Obviously he wants the Packers to trade him, but FanSided’s Matt Lombardo was informed by multiple sources that Rodgers at least you want to get out of your contract sooner if that is not going to happen.

An NFC executive told Lombardo that Rodgers wants his contract to be restructured in a way that allows him to do what Tom Brady has done at the end of his career.

“He wants to make some kind of deal,” the executive said. “But he wants years switched off his deal, so he can get a Tom Brady and be the next to try to go elsewhere to win a championship. “

The chances of Rodgers fixing things with the Green Bay command seem slim. There is also very little chance that he will be left out for the entire 2021 season, so an agreement between the two parties to spend one more year together makes the most sense.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently predicted that the Packers will have to restructure Rodgers’ contract in a way that ensures that he will not stay with the team in 2022. That kind of arrangement could work for all sides, as it would allow Green Bay to chase one more Super Bowl with Rodgers before handing things over to Jordan Love.

The Packers can convince Rodgers to stay one more season, but it probably will unless something drastically changes. Even her future mother-in-law hinted this week that The issues between Rodgers and the team have not been resolved.