Roger Stone and the divine intervention

Roger Stone et l’intervention divine

“The purpose I had prayed fervently, … and I believe the whole matter was in God’s hands and that God would provide. And He did.” It is as well that Roger Stone was the decision of the president Trump to commute his sentence. He prayed, and placed his fate in the hands of God and he has heard his prayers.

Roger Stone it is the swamp that Donald Trump promised to clean up upon his arrival at the White House. All the character mafia of the presidency is concentrated in this single episode. One of the worst schemers of the political history of the u.s., an executor of the bass works, avoids prison, and promises even join the presidential campaign.

The decision of Donald Trump, so outrageous that it is not surprised even not. We had expected it. Robert Mueller, the usually stoic and careful is out of his silence to put the record straight at the time. In an interview with the Washington Post he recalled that “Stone has been sued and convicted because he has committed federal crimes. It remains a repris de justice condemned justly”.

By definition, commute a sentence or grant a pardon presidential is almost always of a controversial nature. At least to correct a judicial error, an intervention of the president reverses a decision of a court. But in this case, we knew the intentions of the president even before the pronouncement of the sentence. The vulgar and cavalier of the decision of Donald Trump gives his gesture a place of historical significance, what he has done is unprecedented.

The height of hypocrisy, the current president presents himself as the candidate of law and order as well as the candidate of the right, religious and moral. The federal prosecutors have preferred to resigned after the intervention of the attorney general during the trial and this same attorney general, William Barr, was objected to commute the sentence.

In regards to the right moral and religious, and hear Roger Stone evoke a divine intervention should be shocking, unless his God is Trump.

If the pardon is a presidential granted to Richard Nixon, whose face is tattooed in the back of the Stone, had contributed to the crisis of trust Americans to the political class, the commutation of the sentence of Roger Stone should complete to discredit the current administration.

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