Ron Hainsey: a great career… far from Montreal

Ron Hainsey: une belle carrière... loin de Montréal

The case of the defender Ron Hainsey has done a lot less talking in Montreal as Ryan McDonagh or, more recently, Mikhail Sergachev. However, now that Hainsey seems to be approaching retirement, it is clear that this former first-round of the Canadian will have known a long and beautiful career in the national hockey League (NHL).

For the little story, remember that Hainsey, at the time aged 24 years, had left Montreal when the Blue Jackets of Columbus had claimed in a runoff in November 2005. The hc had then just remember the defender of the american League (AHL) for a game against the Senators in Ottawa, but the formation of Columbus had seized the opportunity to bate some to the Habs.

Error evaluation on the part of Bob Gainey and head coach Claude Julien? At the time, Gainey knew very well that he was running a risk by sending Hainsey in Bulldogs de Hamilton in the AHL, to start the season. The defender was also replicated by scoring 17 points in 22 games in Hamilton.

The athleticism of Hainsey were undeniable, but it was said that the American did not have the best attitude and that he was rather conceited when he is landed with the organization. He was also criticized, in its early years, having left his apartment in Quebec in a sorry state during his stay with the Citadels.

“I am disappointed that this has not worked for me with the organization I was drafted, but this is a new start,” said Hainsey, before the media, montreal, at the time of exit.

The defender, who was chosen 13th in total during the draft of 2000, did not believe so well to say.

One thousand one hundred matches elsewhere

Hainsey will, without a doubt matured since after his stint with the canadiens, with whom he played his first 32 games in the national hockey League, he has played 1100 more in the regular season. As we have seen, in order, with the Blue Jackets, and then with the Thrashers from Atlanta to become the Winnipeg Jets. He joined then to the Hurricanes in Carolina, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Even last season, with the Ottawa Senators, Hainsey has presented the best ratio of his team, which is +10.

At 39 years of age, the veteran could, however, be pushed into retirement in the wake of this pandemic of sars coronavirus. The Senators seemed to be interested to retain his services. However, the next campaign might start late, which did nothing to help the cause of Hainsey, who has become an unrestricted free agent by then.

“It would be lying to say that this is not a concern, has commented the head coach of the Senators, D. J. Smith, in an interview published by the daily “Ottawa Sun”, earlier this week. We’re going to have to check with Ron. We’re sailing in uncharted waters for a player of his age, with a few months off. There will be difficult decisions to take.”

Stanley cup Champion

A difficult decision to make, as when Gainey had decided to send Hainsey to Hamilton to start the 2005-2006 campaign.

In addition to its 1132 meetings of the regular season, the american defender has also played in 39 playoffs, winning the Stanley cup with the Penguins in 2017.

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