Ronald bought the most expensive car in the world

34-year-old striker of Portugal national team and Italian club Juventus have added to their collection a new car reports . It cost him “only” 11 million euros.

The model of the “Voiture Noire” from Bugatti at the moment is considered the most expensive car in the world. The car was presented at the last Geneva motor show.

The latest from Bugatti is equipped with engine capacity of 1500 horsepower and can reach speeds unimaginable 420 kilometers per hour. However, a model exists in single copy and is still in the debugging process. So before you get behind the wheel of his new “Voiture Noire”, Ronaldo will have to wait two years.

Earlier it was reported that Cristiano Ronaldo took the second place in the list of the highest paid players. On the first line of the rating was the eternal opponent of the Portuguese striker of FC “Barcelona” Lionel Messi.