Rosalie Vailllancourt want René Richard Cyr

Rosalie Vailllancourt envie René Richard Cyr

Revenue in Japan in mid-march, the comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt has spent the following two weeks in quarantine, preventive in it. Confined with her boyfriend and her dog, it acknowledges you have a nice challenge ahead of it, with this new unexpected situation.

“It will be soon a year since we’ve been together, my boyfriend and me. [Containment] is a good test to find out if it is kid ! In fact, I kid. (laughter) My dog is also very happy because I am now always with him. I think soon to cut her hair. Maybe I’ll have to give him a forelock to the Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse. It is very exciting ! “

When asked his favorite heart cultural of the last days, Rosalie responds not be very original, because like many people, she loves the series It is like that that I love you, written by François Létourneau and carried out by Jean-François Rivard. “I would love to play the role of René Richard Cyr ! “, she said.

Don’t close the eye of night, the comedian has watched the series Pandemic, on Netflix, and the movie Contagion.

“I’m a little nervous since this time. I would not advise it to anyone at this time ! But Contagion is a good film to show to those who still think that making a dinner of friends, it is a good idea. “

Otherwise, she would think to take advantage of the next few days to review Kill Bill (Kill Bill), one of his favorite movies. “I always tell myself : “one day, I will be more sporty and I’m going to kill people with a katana” “.

Musically, Rosalie listens to a lot of american artist Daniel Johnston, who died last year. “I especially love the song Casper The Friendly Ghost. It makes me in a good mood. It is touching and really simple at the same time. “

With children

Rosalie has also listened to the podcast Much more than a song, Monique Giroux, who has made her cry in every episode. “I really love the moment where a song goes from unknown to iconic. It shows really well the context sociohistorical when the company to the full starts to listen to the same song at the same time. “

Since all his shows have been cancelled or deferred, Rosalie turned to Instagram to continue to make the humor connect with the audience. It has made Instagram live with Mathieu Dufour, Arnaud Soly and Katherine Levac. “Friday mornings, I’m also a with children. I call and I talk to them. Because I don’t have children, and I find it really sad not to see in this moment. “

The suggestions of Rosalie

Tv series

  • Pandemic
  • It is like that that I love you


  • Contagion
  • Kill Bill
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